Kew Retail Park ‘superstar’ security officer wins Outstanding Security Officer in the OSPAs

Atlas Security’s Hasan Afzal  won the Outstanding Security Officer award in the 2022 UK Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs).

Hasan Afzal is our security officer at the Hartnell Taylor Cook managed Kew Retail Park West, which like all sites of its kind can suffer from issues around anti-social behaviour and elements of criminality. It is a single person site, where Hasan has been recognised and rewarded for creating a culture and environment that acts as an excellent example for all retail security operations.

Judges noted that with an attitude of continuous improvement, coupled with exceptional levels of drive and self-motivation, Hasan has built up a comprehensive library of information during his eight years at the site. He has established a comprehensive list of known criminals and his work has led to numerous arrests and convictions. He has a highly diligent approach to monitoring people entering the park, reporting any unusual or suspicious activity.

The awarding panel also recognised how local store managers call Hasan a ‘superstar’ and significant asset to the park and area, by providing support and guidance to any retailer affected by crime. Over the last four years, he has recovered more than £130,000 across 565 separate incidents, an average of 12 a month.

Gary Stanton, Managing Director, says we are thrilled to have Hasan in the team and that this award means a great deal to everyone: “He is a shining example of what can be achieved with focus, drive and a desire to consistently operate at the top of one’s abilities. He embodies Atlas Security’s ambition to make a genuine difference to our customers and redefine the way people see and experience security services,” he says.

“His enthusiasm for the job is contagious and his commitment to the safety and security of those who visit the Retail Park is second to none, making all of us at Atlas Security feel incredibly proud and lucky to work with him.”

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