Investing in people via our new learning platform

Atlas Security is pleased to be introducing a new learning portal, Totara, to advance the personal and career development of our own security officers and further improve professionalism within the industry.

Totara is an award-winning, open-source learning platform, designed to aid employees in an interactive way to support their personal development. Atlas follows in the footsteps of organisations such as the NHS, the Met Office, Amazon and more.

Through introducing Totara into our people development programme, we can can more effectively and efficiently deliver individual and collective learning plans which reflect the specific needs associated with officer roles, training requirements and objectives. Progress can be tracked internally with modules available to be amended and re-scheduled as the need arises.

Interactivity is a key focus of our approach toward learning, with innovative content creation enabling features, from quizzes to customisable task lists and more, and a notification system to remind employees of their outstanding tasks.

The initiative is being managed by Jill Scott, People and Organisational Director. Jill’s experience puts her in the ideal position to help support officer training, and she comments:

“We’ve had great feedback on the new system. It’s become a new way of life. When emails go out on the first of the month, our staff jump on it to finish their training modules, without being chased. This is a very positive sign that our people are keen to learn more and develop!”

Gary Stanton, Managing Director at Atlas Security, echoed the importance of employee learning and development:

“Investing in our people is increasingly important to our business. With qualifications and regulations changing week by week, we need to stay ahead of the game and equip our people accordingly. Our success is dependent on the knowledge, expertise and experience of our employees. As a result, learning and development are essential for Atlas and its people to progress.”

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