Atlas has chosen to adopt a Code of Conduct, which sets out minimum standards that employees should observe. It lays down guidelines for employees to help maintain and improve standards, as well as protect employees from misunderstanding or criticism.

This code encompasses our values and ensures we consider these values and behaviours throughout our working day.


This Code applies to all employees of Atlas and is in place to ensure our Customers and Clients receive the highest standard of conduct from us all, which includes any sub-contractors, partners or individuals working on our behalf.

Our Customers are also defined as those who we interact with within Atlas and maybe work in a different function to you but who you deliver a service for i.e. an internal Customer.

Company Standards

As an Atlas employee you are expected to give the best possible standards:

  • A duty of service – to work in accordance with your contract of employment
  • A duty to adhere – to obey reasonable instruction, following procedures and regulations
  • A duty of care – to be competent, capable and not to be negligent at work
  • A duty of good faith – to be honest and to not divulge confidential information about the Company or projects you may be working on.

Personal Standards

Atlas employees are expected to:

  • Be positive, helpful and co-operative in dealing with Colleagues, Customers and the Public
  • Provide impartial advice to Customers and Colleagues
  • Remember that as an employee your primary responsibility is to the Company, respecting the defined roles of the Customers and Colleagues, avoiding conflict and disharmony within the organisation.
  • Remember that you are accountable for your actions and decisions, being prepared to submit yourself to whatever scrutiny is appropriate for your office
  • Ensure that your personal appearance is consistent with the Company’s expectations, bearing in mind the work you do
  • Bring to the attention of the appropriate level of management any deficiency in the provision of service
  • Report to the appropriate Manager any serious impropriety or breach of procedure

Competence Standards

All employees are expected to perform their duties with:

  • Due care
  • Competence
  • Diligence; ensuring that if you hold a specific technical or professional qualification, you carry out your duties in accordance with the standards, ethics and guidelines set out by your professional body, if you are bound by its code

Company Procedures

The section or department in which you work has specific rules, procedures and codes of practice which apply to that particular area and type of work you do. These rules are communicated by management in various ways including oral instruction, procedure manuals, notices, information sheets and emails.

You are expected to comply with these in carrying out your duties.


The contractual relationship between the Company and its employees is based on mutual trust. Any knowing breach of this trust by an employee, such as an unauthorised disclosure of information, may render the employee liable to disciplinary and/or legal action.

It is a condition of this employment that you will not during it, or thereafter, use or disclose to any person or third party any confidential information or trade secret relating to the affairs of the Company, its suppliers or customers. For the avoidance of doubt, confidential information includes any marketing information, customer information, technical information or other information that may be regarded as confidential because it is not already in the public domain or otherwise readily accessible to persons not connected to the Company.

All documents in your possession relating to the business or obtained during the course of your employment with the Company must be returned on leaving the organisation.

Disclosure of Information

Employees are expected to be open, informative and truthful in dealing with Colleagues and Clients, and to provide information to which each is entitled to.

There is a balance between freedom of information and confidentiality for commercial reasons, which must be considered at all times. Any information obtained in the course of your employment should not be used for your personal gain or benefit, and you should not pass it on to anyone else who could use it for their benefit.

Do not divulge any personal information about a fellow employee without permission, unless disclosure is required by law.

Only employees authorised to do so may talk to the press or otherwise make personal statements on behalf of the Company.

Outside Commitments and Personal Interests

You must not take up other employment, whether self-employed or with another employer of any nature without the specific consent from the Company.

All employees must not let their own personal or political opinions interfere with their work for Atlas.

You must declare to your Manager any financial or non-financial interests that you consider could conflict with the Company’s interests, or could cause your conduct to be questioned.


Violence and aggression at work is unacceptable and will be dealt with in accordance with our Disciplinary Policy. This can be anything from verbal aggression and threatening behaviour, through to physical violence.

Any form of sexual or racial harassment and bullying will also not be tolerated and will be dealt with in strict accordance with our policies. We cannot condone such behaviours that in any way make another individual feel uncomfortable or intimidated by the content or implication of comments, however these are conveyed, be that verbal, written or via any other media.

Please treat all individuals with the respect and dignity with which you yourself would want to be treated, and report any potential issues to a Manager.

Equality Issues

You should comply with and promote the Company’s Equal Opportunities Policy as all employees have a right to be treated with fairness and equity, so you must play your part to ensure that the individual rights of all employees are respected.


It is a serious criminal offence to corruptly receive or give any gift, loan, fee, reward or advantage. If an allegation is made, you may have to demonstrate that any such rewards have not been corruptly obtained.

Use of Financial Resources

You must ensure that you use company funds entrusted to you in a responsible and lawful way. You should obtain value for money, avoid legal challenges to the Company and comply with the Company’s financial rules.


Atlas is committed to ensuring that the level of service delivered by all employees and individuals doing work on our behalf is, without question, of the highest standard both from how the physical needs of the business are met, through to how everyone behaves in order to achieve a great place to work.

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