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Kew Retail Park, Hartnell Taylor Cook

Atlas Security provide security services at Kew Retail Park in West London which is managed by managing agent Hartnell Taylor Cook. The retail park itself is like many others dotted up and down the country and suffers from the same problems around criminality and other forms of anti-social behaviour. 

Our team has forged a culture and security environment at the Park that is a shining example for all retail security operations. We  are working with every stakeholder across the Park, including store managers, store security, the Police and the local residents committee. Equally as impressive, but arguably more challenging is the relationships we have built up with the vulnerable and homeless people that frequently visit the Park, dealing with them in a sensitive and caring manner, whilst conversely having to develop a level of understanding with many of individuals who are known to be involved in criminality.

The hard work of Officer Hasan Afzal was recently recognised at the Outstanding Security Performance Awards where he was the proud winner of the ‘Outstanding Security Officer of the Year’ award.

The Park sits within a predominantly residential area and therefore the criminal activity that takes place in the Park can negatively impact local residents. We have established excellent channels of communication with the local residents committee and through this has been able to lobby local MPs for improvements to safety and a more regular Police presence in the Park. Our data on criminal activity has proved an effective tool in demonstrating the need for Police support in the area. 

In the eyes of the store managers, who are performance measured on shrinkage levels (stolen stock) we are seen as a huge asset to the Park. We provide constant support and guidance to stores effected by shoplifting. Regularly thwarting attempts to steal and recovering items once stolen. We also work very closely with the local police and constantly provide support with identifying criminal activity.

The security operation at Kew Retail Park is a shining example of what can be achieved with focus, drive and a desire to consistently operate at the top of your abilities. The team has realised the importance of their place in the local community and done everything they can to improve the experience for all those who visit, work or live near Kew Retail Park. They have demonstrated what is possible and what excellence looks like.

"The team have demonstrated nothing but enthusiasm, passion and dedication. In my mind, they go far beyond what would be expected, with unwavering commitment and boundless energy. Throughout the last few years, we have been provided with a wealth of local knowledge and intelligence which without doubt has assisted in our proactive policing of the area. The security at the Park is a crucial part of our ‘eyes and ears’ network and I hope that we can continue to work together for a long time to come."
PC Jordan Wharmsby 2164SW
Dedicated Ward Officer - Kew Safer Neighbourhood Team
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